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The Building of a Custom Home
A photo feature


21. Landscaping - Stage 1
In The Beginning

The landscaping will be a long-term project completed in stages.  To demonstrate the amount of work involved and the imagination necessary to plan a landscape, we are including pictures from the house BEFORE any work was done.  The owner of this home hired a landscape architect firm, Dave Shows and Associates, to design the patio, driveway, and landscaping.  Keep in mind that the landscape architect planned the entire landscape before the house was completed, and the following pictures are indicative of what they saw.

Landscape starting picture

This is a picture of the front of the house.


This is a "before" picture of the back yard.


The picture above was taken early in the building process and shows where the landscape architect has marked a proposed landscape.  The area inside the red circular pattern in the upper left part of the picture will be the general location for the patio, while the area on the right of the red line shows a planting area. The bottom area of the picture will be grass.  The San Antonio water company offers a rebate for low-water, Xeriscape landscapes (read about Xeriscape landscapes), and this landscape is planned to meet those requirements. To view the pouring of the driveway and patio, click on the Index button below and select "15. Flatwork (Preparation)"

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