The Building of a Custom Home - A photo feature by EAGer Web Page Design

The Building of a Custom Home
A photo feature


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Tools and Resources

The following sites are considered to be among the best of the industry.  We hope that you find these links useful and welcome your comments or suggestions.


Tool Crib - Professional tools and equipment for people who make their living using tools. 

You can easily find all of the tools that you will need for your new home or home project using the form on the right. You can select from tools and equipment, electrical and lighting, plumbing supplies, hardware, painting supplies, and more.

We have also provided a quick search of the "Lawn and Patio" section of  Here you can find patio and garden furniture, outdoor tableware, and more to complete your new home and landscape.

Other Home Resources

IRED: The International Real Estate Digesttm - IRED offers a directory of over 25,000 links to real estate related web sites, articles and editorial opinion by leaders in the real estate industry,  as well as other information.

HomeAdvisor - "HomeAdvisor offers a complete consumer guide to home buying, and tools to research homes, neighborhoods and loans on the Internet."

REALTOR.COM - "REALTOR.COM provides you with a comprehensive, personalized and results-oriented real estate service that allows you to Find a Home by searching the largest online database of listings." - "™, the web's leading provider of information on newly built homes, with listings for over 125,000 new home and planned developments throughout the US."

Glossary of Real Estate Terms provided by REALTOR.COM


View the pictures of the building of a custom home, a photo feature by EAGer Web Page Design.

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