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The Building of a Custom Home
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21. Landscaping - Stage 3
The Beginning / Ground Preparation


Stage Three of the landscaping began early in the morning on March 15, 2000 and the work was done by Schultz & Co. Landscapes, San Antonio, Texas. The landscaping company wanted to make sure that all danger of frost was over in San Antonio before planting, since many of the plants in this stage might not survive freezing temperatures until they are established.


Asiatic Jasmine will be planted as a ground cover for much of the landscaping rather than grass.  Asian Jasmine is heat and drought tolerant and is well-suited for the hot, dry summers in San Antonio.


The Jasmine plants will be spaced about 12 inches apart, so some ground preparation is done to help the Jasmine to grow and fill in more quickly.  The picture above shows some of the initial ground preparation.


The above photo is another view of the workers preparing the land to plant the Jasmine.  The worker on the left is tilling the land while the worker in the distance is removing weeds that have grown since the last stage of landscaping was completed. The containers of Asian Jasmine to be planted are on the right.


The workers are almost ready to start planting the Jasmine.

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