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The Building of a Custom Home
A photo feature


Landscaping - Revisited
November 2001

November 2001: The landscaping has done quite well since the last photos, and you can view more recent photos from April 2005.There are many plants and trees which will take years to establish.  You may notice gaps in the landscaping where nothing has been planted.  Some of this space has been left intentionally to allow room for the slow-growing plants.  The owners may add plants to other areas that have not grown together. While there are still flowers in some of the pictures below that were taken in November, many of the flowers have already died due to cold weather. We are hoping to take pictures next Spring and Summer to show some of the beautiful flowering plants.


The back of the house from the patio.


This is another view of the back from the patio.


The front yard from the driveway.


The front of the property from the street.

Please check back often; we will be taking additional pictures of the landscaping periodically as it becomes established.  Thank you for taking time to visit our Web site.  Once again, we appreciate your comments.


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