The Building of a Custom Home - A photo feature by EAGer Web Page Design

The Building of a Custom Home
A photo feature

Further Information

The construction of this home began in early January 1999 and was completed in June 1999. This Web site is still updated periodically with photos of the landscaping as it is implemented and becomes established.  We have offered brief descriptions of the process of building a home beneath each picture.

Although we have tried to keep the pages in this site as fast-loading as possible, this site is best viewed with a high speed Internet connection.  There are many pictures on this site, so please be patient while the pages load.

While we are not able to provide the exact cost for the construction of this custom home, it has come to our attention that the prices for similar houses vary greatly depending on the location they are built.  For comparative purposes, the price of this custom home in San Antonio, Texas is under $200,000.

We have tried to offer valuable tools and resources to assist you with building and/or buying a home.  We welcome your suggestions for additional resources.

We would like to hear from you, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions about this Web site or the actual building of the home.  Thank you for all of the positive feedback we have received.  If you would like to make a contribution to help support this site, please click here.


View the pictures of the building of a custom home, a photo feature by EAGer Web Page Design.

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